• Pull String Jessie Doll
  • Jessie Talks & Yodels
  • Includes Cowgirl Hat, Flexible Rodeo Lasso, & Critter
  • Jessie Says,Hi, There im Jessie, Yee-Haw, Lets ride like the Wind
  • Way to go cow poke, Lets Yodel, There is nothing like a good adventure

Product Description
Yee-haw! This here cowgirl’s fixin to round up some fun, and she’d sure love a partner like you! Give a tug on her string, and laughin, yodelin, fun-lovin jessie speaks up with lots of friendly phrases!… More >>

Price: $45.99
Rating: 4.5 (19 reviews)

Toy Story Pull String Talking Jessie Doll

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